NGO Conference on the Environment

The annual NGO Conference on the Environment provides a forum for NGOs to discuss current issues related to their joint vision "to improve the quality of life of the people of Botswana through sustainable management of natural resources and conservation of their environment".

The three first conferences have been funded by HIVOS under the IUCN Botswana NGO Support Programme.

The first NGO Conference on the Environment was held in Francistown in November 1997. The second NGO Conference on the Environment was held in Gaborone in November 1998.

The third NGO Conference on the Environment was held 1-3 of August 2000 in Gaborone under the theme "Networking as a means of managing the environment". The conference was organised by the Kalahari Conservation Society and Thusano Lefatsheng. Presentations covered six themes developed in the draft NGO Strategy on the Environment which are; environmental education for sustainability, research and monitoring, community based environmental management, environmental agenda, policies and legislation, land and resource tenure and environmental economics. The conference resolved, among other things, to resuscitate the Environment Liason Group in order to improve networking and established a task force to finalise the NGO Environmental Strategic Plan. The report of the conference will soon be available from this web site.

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Last Updated: August 14,2000