Forestry Association of Botswana

  • Mission statement
  • Overall objectives
  • Expertise and staff
  • Partners/links to others
  • Environmental projects/activities
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  • Mission statement

    "To improve the life of Batswana through forestry work in Research, Education, Extension and lobbying; laying emphasis on partnerships with disadvantaged citizens and communities".

    Overall objectives

    Expertise and Staff

     Qualifications  Number of people
     BSc (Botany), MSc (Forest Science)  1
     BSc Agriculture  2
     BSc Forestry Management  1
     Diploma in Accounting and Business studies  1
     Certificate in Forestry  2
     Certificate in Agriculture  1
     Others  8
     Totals  16

    Partners/ Links to others

    Donor Agencies/Representatives:

    Environmental Heritage Foundation
    European Development Fund
    European Union/COSV
    Convention to Combat Desertification (CCD/UNDP)
    German Development Service (GDS)

    Local Partners:

    Permaculture Trust of Botswana (PTB)
    Veld Products Research & Development (VPR & D)
    Serowe Forestry Bridgate (SFB)
    Thusano Lefatsheng
    Kalahari Conservation Society (KCS)
    Somarelang Tikologo (ST) etc

    Member of IUCN - The World Conservation Union

    Environmental Projects/Activities

    Community Based Natural Woodland Management: FAB encourages every community to set aside at least 20 hectares of land within their village locality as an indigenous woodland management site. The site is fenced off to allow for natural regeneration and enrichment planting (Lehututu and Serowe Projects)

    Around the Home Tree Planting: Five villages are selected annually and 250 households are targeted in each village. Each household receives 5 tree seedlings (3 indigenous and 2 exotic) and there are planted under the supervision of an FAB staff member. After 12 - 18 months a follow up is done and households with above 80% survival rates are given two trees as incentives.

    Agroforestry: Farmers are encouraged to plant indigenous fodder tree species in parts of their farms, which they inter crop with the conventional crops (maize, sorghum, etc.).

    Schools' Programme: This involves the establishment of tree nurseries in Community Junior Secondary Schools to serve as the outdoor classroom for students studying forestry.

    Tree Seed Collection, Testing, Storage and Sale: FAB collects seeds of indigenous trees countrywide, cleans and tests them for germination before they are ready to be sold.

    Indigenous Tree Nursery: FAB has the largest Indigenous Tree Nursery in Botswana with an annual production of 50000 seedlings. The seedlings are produced to meet FAB's Programme requirements and sales to major developers and the general public.

    For more information contact

    Forestry Association of Botswana
    Extension 4, Plot 425 Mokgosi Close
    P.O. Box 2088, Gaborone
    Tel/Fax: (267) 351660


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    Last Updated: October 9, 2000